Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge

Topic 1: Favorite Legion Quest

Topic 2: How has WoW changed/impacted your life?

Topic 3: Pugging

Topic 4: An Azeroth Holiday

Topic 5: You as an NPC

Topic 6: Underneath the Azeroth Tree

Topic 7: Your Bucket List

Topic 8: If you couldn’t play your main anymore, which class would you be?

Topic 9: How do you explain gaming/raiding to your non-gamer friends and family?

Topic 10: Favorite World Quest

Topic 11: Show off your alts!

Topic 12: Design your own zone

Topic 13: The WoW race you just can’t stand

Topic 14: The funniest way you have died

Topic 15: What do you live about WoW and what makes you keep coming back to it?

Topic 16: Which zone or area of WoW reminds you of your home?

Topic 17: Best Dressed

Topic 18: The most random thing you’ve found

Topic 19: Picking a character name

Topic 20: A day in the life of your toon