30 Days of WoW

Day 08 — PvE/PvP/RP?

I play on a PvE realm and I suspect I always will. PvP is something I mostly detest, except on the rare occasion. Legion will be launching in a few months with a new PvP system, so I may check it out, but I will never be so into PvP where I move to that… Continue reading Day 08 — PvE/PvP/RP?

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Day 7- Your favorite piece of lore

This was easy to answer, as my favorite lore figure is Lady Jaina Proudmoore. In particular, my favorite storyline is from the novel "Arthas", written by Christie Golden. Jaina grew up spending time in Dalaran as an apprentice to Antonidas. Her childhood friend, Arthas Menethil, fell in love with her as they grew older. She,… Continue reading Day 7- Your favorite piece of lore