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Topic 8: If you couldn’t play your main anymore, which class would you be?

If there ever came a time where I could no longer play my current mage, I would simply make a new one. Yes, this may be a boring answer but after trying all other casters, mage is the only one I enjoy. My first character was a shadow priest, but I grew tired of being asked if I could heal. It was then that I learned of the other casters in the game and my mind was set: I was going to play a mage. I tried warlock, but I don’t like having pets fight with me so that was out. I also tried shaman and monk, but they didn’t jive with me either. I think part of the reason I don’t enjoy playing shaman is because I can’t be a human. The idea of working with the elements fascinates me, but I don’t like the casting animations of the draenei and pandaren.

What class would you pick if you couldn’t play your main anymore? I’d love to hear!




5 thoughts on “Topic 8: If you couldn’t play your main anymore, which class would you be?”

  1. My answer is exactly the same lol. If I couldn’t play my main anymore (assuming I went back to playing), I would just make another! My mains were a hunter and a shadow priest, but I’d probably stick with a hunter, since I had the most fun on her!

  2. I’d roll another Druid 😉 But if I could not, I really want to play a Hunter, for the sole purpose of getting the class mount they have, I adore it so much.

    And I hear you, on the “Can you heal plzzzz”. Urgh. If I play a DPS specced role, it’s because I like that particular role! So yeah, I’d roll a DPS class, that had no healing spec!

    1. Sounds like someone should have a hunter alt? LOL! Yeah, If I’m playing as DPS, chances are I don’t want to heal or tank. I’ve tried healing and it stresses me out. Tanking would stress me out as well. I don’t like being in charge of things like that, so being a DPS who can stand far away and be in the background is perfect.

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