Z & Cinder's Blog Challenge

Blog Challenge #7: Your Bucket List

This week, the challenge is all about your bucket list of things you want to accomplish in World of Warcraft. Here goes!

  • Gather enough nethershards to purchase the toy from the wormtongue on the Broken Shore
  • Do Brawler’s Guild and attempt to get the mount (I say attempt because I haven’t been able to do this since it first came out- sad face)
  • Level one more mage from level 1-110-do this without heirlooms since I’m not in a rush to level
  • Farm old raids for mounts, specifically Icecrown Citadel for Invincible
  • Work on filling out my Sets appearance tab by running even more old raids


There are so many things I want to do, but I needed to narrow the list down a bit so I don’t get overwhelmed. There are so many fun things to do in game right now, and even more fun is coming in Patch 7.3. I’m so excited!

What’s on your bucket list?


1 thought on “Blog Challenge #7: Your Bucket List”

  1. Gosh, what a Blog Challenge, I would never be done with it, if I had to write it, hah.

    Thanks for sharing! And for reminding me, that Brawlers Guild is a thing. I never once tried it – joy, totally new content for me soon 🙂

    Maybe levelling a new mage could be done in 7.3? New animations and all, might give it some extra “sparkles” when levelling all over 🙂

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