Z & Cinder's Blog Challenge

Blog Challenge 6: Underneath the Azeroth Tree

This topic was originally due to be talked about during the holiday season in December, but it is now July so I’ll choose to think of this as a wishlist of sorts for either what I want that is already in game or what I would like to see added to the game.

There are so many mounts I would love to have in game, but part of my enjoyment is the process, the journey in which I go about trying to earn these mounts or pray to the RNG “gods” to take pity on me and let me get said coveted mount. About two months ago, I was running Tempest Keep for transmog and Ashes of Alar dropped for me! This is one of the rarest mounts I have and I am so grateful to have her in my collection now.  Another mount I am really looking forward to having is Invincible. Hopefully, the Lich King will let me have his prized horse someday soon.

Before I began playing WoW, I played another MMORPG called Rift. Rift has two of my favorite features in a game: dynamic content and questing at max level, both of which I would love to see in WoW. As of Legion, it looks like I may have my wishes. Hopefully, the devs will continue this trend because it makes me very happy. In Legion, we are introduced to a form of dynamic content know as invasions. I have so much fun with the content and hope to see more like it in future expansions. While I adore this content, my absolute favorite thing I want to see in the next expansion is a max level questing zone. I am talking about Suramar. One of my complaints in the past has been there hasn’t been much questing content at max level. Questing and story is my favorite thing about the game, so having even more questing at max level makes me a very happy player. Suramar is easily my favorite zone in Legion and I hope to see more content like this in the future.

What’s on your Azeroth wishlist?




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