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Blog Challenge 5: You as an NPC

This topic really threw me since I have never taken the time to think about what my character would do and be as an NPC before. I play a female human arcane mage because I really enjoy playing casters in games and I also enjoy having a way of identifying with my characters. I also really like Jaina Proudmoore as a character, so my character sees Jaina as a mentor of sorts, even though they have never met.


If my character were an NPC in Azeroth and lore was not an issue, I would like to think I would be Jaina’s assistant. Yes I know this is not realistic but a girl can dream, can’t she? I imagine I would create portals for all those who take meetings with Jaina. For example, in the book Tides of War by Christie Golden Baine Bloodhoof visits Theramore to meet with Lady Jaina Proudmoore. If this were to happen in game, I could see myself creating a portal back to Thunderbluff for Baine when his meeting was over. Yes, I know I cannot create portals for those in the Horde, but in my fantasy world this is doable. Haha!

If you could be an NPC in game, what would you do? Leave me a comment and let me know!


1 thought on “Blog Challenge 5: You as an NPC”

  1. Nothing wrong with being ambitious indeed! 🙂 Thank you for sharing. Gosh, I never actually thought of my character as an NPC…I will have to think about that…

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