Blog Challenge #4: An Azeroth Holiday

My favorite holiday in Azeroth has to be Hallow’s End for sure! There is so much to do from collecting Tricky Treats all across Azeroth to using those treats to collects pets, costumes and toys. Ahhh, I wish it was Hallow’s End already. In Draenor, we were even given the ability to decorate our garrisons for the holiday!



Another reason I like Hallow’s End is because it signifies a special time when Jaina and Arthas were in love, before he made that fateful decision at Stratholme. In the Arthas novel by Christie Golden Jaina and Arthas first became lovers during Hallow’s End and since I’m a huge Jaina fan and romantic at heart, the holiday has a special place in my heart as well.

Hallow’s End is also a time when one can defeat the Headless Horseman in order for a chance to loot his mount. It took me a few years, but finally in 2016, his mount became mine. Hooray!


Do you see my Feline Familiar there, too? She’s my favorite pet ever! I love cats and there is something precious about having Midnight (that’s what I named her) flying beside me on her little broomstick. Speaking of brromsticks, Hallow’s End is also the only time of year when you can fly a broomstick mount of your own! I’m secretly hoping Blizzard will give that mount the ability to fly all year long, but who knows?

What is your favorite holiday in Azeroth? Leave me a comment below so we can keep the conversation going.

Until next time!


1 thought on “Blog Challenge #4: An Azeroth Holiday”

  1. Oh, nice, I never really thought of the “connection” Halloween has to Jaina and Arthas in such a way, thank you for sharing! My favorite holiday is the Fire Midsummer Festival 🙂

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