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Blog challenge #3: Pugging

Pugging is something I do a lot of in game so I tend to favor it. However, it has its cons as well as pros. I use both Looking For Group and Looking For Raid tools in order to run dungeons and raids and this means I’m always with other players I don’t know. Lately, I’ve taken to doing Tomb of Sargeras LFR with my husband and that makes it more enjoyable having someone I know in the group. It isn’t always possible for me to run a dungeon or LFR with a friend or guildie, though. I’m a stay at home mom and I usually play WoW in short spurts while the kids are playing on their own, watching tv or napping and that means I have to be free to get up and walk away from the game at any moment. But, when I am able to play for a longer amount of time, pugging is the way to go. Pugging isn’t all sunshine and roses, though.


Sometimes, it’s so painful that I want to run away screaming!


I could elaborate on how pugging isn’t always ideal, but I’m pretty sure you have already had some nasty experiences, so I’ll focus on the positive. If pugging wasn’t an option in the game I would miss out on so much content! I even use LFG to find groups for world bosses and without it not only would I miss out on possible gear and other goodies, but also story and lore.

All in all, pugging and the addition of Looking For Group and Looking For Raid was a positive in my book and I hope you have many good experiences in the future using these tools.

One more thing: if you do encounter a Negative Nelly in a dungeon or raid, please don’t feed the trolls.


3 thoughts on “Blog challenge #3: Pugging”

  1. Hah, excellent facial expression you caught there 😀

    I feel the same way; without LFR I would not have been able to see the raids at all these days. I used to raid, and loved it, but no time to commit to it anymore.

    I do wish though, that LFR was changed into something that was more story-orientated, to give everyone an idea of the lore etc. That would be fantastic. I read that suggestion somewhere recently, but cannot remember where. So LFR would be something youd do as a story telling thing. And the “real” raiding would be, well, for real raiding.

    Hope that made sense 🙂

    Thank you for sharing 😀

    1. LOL I had to take quite a few selfie pics to get the exact facial expression. LFR was initially sold as a storytelling method so players who didn’t raid could get the story, but I think it morphed into something different: another way to raid. Thank you for always commenting. I know people are actually reading what I have to say that way.

      1. Haha, really? You should have added like some “bloopers” screenshots (If that is the right expression)

        Ah yeah, it did indeed morph, you are right.

        Aw, np! It’s always nice to get a few words in one direction, bouncing back and forth together 🙂

        I’m lurking at your site 😉

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