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Blog Challenge #2: How has WoW changed/impacted your life?

This topic means a lot to me. Seriously. A lot. World of Warcraft is not only how I met my spouse, but also how I met my best friend whom I podcast with. It’s story time, so pull up a seat, grab your favorite beverage of choice and enjoy.

I met my spouse on Twitter back in 2012. He was just starting a World of Warcraft podcast and I listened to many podcasts at the time, so it was natural I would get excited at the prospect of another to listen to. We chatted a lot on Twitter and soon enough we were great friends. Over several months, one thing led to another and I moved to be with him. We have been together for a few years now and I am happier than I have ever been. We even have two children together. True, we didn’t meet in the game, but if it weren’t for World of Warcraft we would never have met.

I also met my best friend in WoW. She and I have been friends are about 3 years now and even do a podcast about WoW together! We also met on Twitter and even though we live in different countries and have never met face to face, we are able to stay close by texting, chatting on Skype and Discord and also by podcasting together.

I’m introverted and slightly shy so if it weren’t for World of Warcraft I may have never met my husband or my best friend and for this I will forever be grateful for this game we all love dearly.



5 thoughts on “Blog Challenge #2: How has WoW changed/impacted your life?”

  1. Iih, there we go 🙂

    Such a great blog challenge this is; and I can relate as well. To those not familiar with the whole world of the game, it can seem like a language that they do not speak at all; they cannot imagine the impact a game can have on our lives.

    I would not have met my husband either if it weren’t for WoW 🙂

    Thank you for sharing, Kristen.

      1. We met during WotlK 🙂 And sure, I’ll be happy to share my story sometime!

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