30 Days of WoW

Day 08 — PvE/PvP/RP?

I play on a PvE realm and I suspect I always will. PvP is something I mostly detest, except on the rare occasion. Legion will be launching in a few months with a new PvP system, so I may check it out, but I will never be so into PvP where I move to that kind of realm. As for RP, I’ve never had the desire to roleplay in any setting other than in my own head. Sure, I make up a little story for my main as we go along questing, running dungeons, and going into LFR for the first time, but I have never felt like I wanted to share my thoughts or write a story with other players. For me, that would mean putting more work into the game than I would like to.

I may not be interested very much in PvP or RP, but I realize many players enjoy these facets of the game, and for that I am glad. What type of realm do you play on? Have you ever changed from one type of realm to another?


1 thought on “Day 08 — PvE/PvP/RP?”

  1. I’m the same way as you, and although I have played on every type of realm, I think I prefer PvE the most. I like to do a lot of things on my own, like questing, and really taking in the lore of the game. I also really enjoy farming. Dungeons and raiding have always taken a backseat for me, though I do enjoy getting to raid with a good group that I am comfortable with. 🙂 PvP… yeah, no. No thank you. While I have played on PvP realms (usually when I follow friends over), whenever I was stuck in a PvP situation, I never even tried. I just let people kill me, camp me, etc. I just don’t like the conflict, haha.

    I dabbled in RP in the past, and found that I just wasn’t enjoying it. I like to roleplay in my head, too, or on paper… but when you bring other people into it, everyone is so different with how they want things to go, that I always felt like the story never went in the direction I wanted, which makes it less enjoyable. It is so crazy to think that there are SO many ways to play this ONE game!

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