A New Era

It has been almost a year since my last blog post, and you know what? I’m not sorry. So much has happened since then: I went through pregnancy, gave birth, and am now a mom to two little ones. Lucas is now 2 years old and Sarah is almost 3 months old. Life sure has changed, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

I am still a stay at home mom and my partner still works in IT. We are still a happy family, we’ve simply grown by one. However, one of us wasn’t very happy when we brought Sarah home from the hospital. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Jason nor I. Lucas wasn’t very happy to have a baby sister. In fact, for almost the first 2 months of her life, he would freak out every time she cried, let alone make a single sound. It’s only recently that he’s become brave enough to touch her, but only when she’s eating and not paying attention to what he is doing. He’s slowly warming up to her more and more each day, but it was a rough start.

As for gaming, I’ve completely stopped playing anything other than World of Warcraft. Most of my game time happens while the kids are napping and after both kids are asleep for the night. Sarah will sleep for a good 6 or 7 hours straight at night, so I’m thankful for that. As for World of Warcraft, right now I’m leveling another human mage with my partner. He’s playing a night elf hunter and seems to enjoy it. I’m working on gaining valor to upgrade my legendary ring, but other than that I’m making gold and waiting for Legion. I’m not watching any Legion videos with spoilers because I don’t want to spoil myself on the expansion before I’ve even had a chance to play. I have watched videos on changes for the Arcane mage since that’s what I play and overall I’m very happy with the changes. It will be interesting to have another resource I have to watch under my mana bar.

As for how often I will be blogging, I can’t make any promises. I would like to have something published once a week, but we will see how that goes. Blogging is something I’ve missed doing, so I would like to make it a priority. Also, I realize I stopped on Day 7 of the “30 Days of WoW” blog, so I will be starting that up again as well. I finally feel like life has slowed down enough that I can start doing things I enjoy again as well as maybe trying some new things. Mainly, I would like to take a trip to Michaels and look into buying a cross-stitch kit to try something crafty.

I will end this blog post with one word: MOOOOOSE!!!





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