The Goodnight Show

Life with a toddler in my home consists of dirty diapers, forever cleaning up after him, playtime, lots of cuddles, and Sprout. What is Sprout, you say? Sprout is a tv channel for preschoolers that Lucas loves. It has a morning show and a goodnight show, aptly named The Goodnight Show. Lucas ends each day with this program, and our day just wouldn’t be complete without it. What do you do to prepare for bed? Do you have a routine you stick to with or without children?


In gaming news, I have been leveling my shadow priest through Draenor simply for the gold. I know there are plenty of people who say it’s easy to make gold this expansion, but I have yet to find out the best way for me to make gold. If you’d like to share any wisdom on the subject, I’m all ears. I’m still enjoying my time in WoW, but I still miss dailies. I hit Exalted with the Sha’tari Defense and Council of Exarchs so now I have all those goodies the quartermasters sell. I still have to reach Exalted with the Arrakoa as well as the reputation for Ashran. Speaking of Ashran, I will be joining my guild in a fun romp in Ashran tonight, so I better get Lucas settled in bed and get comfy for my wrecking of Horde players. No offense to any Horde players who read this. šŸ˜‰



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