The Motherly Mage is back!

Happy Wednesday!

As I was listening to a motivational podcast this afternoon, I was reminded of a blog I created that, unfortunately, went by the wayside as big changes entered my life. In December, my fiance was offered a job in Salt Lake City, Utah as a Technology Analyst. Jason has always worked in the IT field and this opportunity was not one to pass up. So, while everyone was setting out their Christmas decorations, Jason and I were packing boxes and getting ready for our big move.

We put our belongings in storage and then made the 2 day drive up to Utah. We even rang in the new year in a hotel! The 2 day drive with difficult on Lucas, especially since he is too young to understand what was happening. We stayed in a hotel for just over a month until we found an apartment. Now, the 3 of us live in a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment. There are still plenty of boxes in our living room left to unpack, but I am slowly making progress during the day when Jason is at work.

Now that we’re settled in, I’m looking for a church to call home. I found a church called The Well here in the area, so I’m hoping to attend services this Sunday.

In gaming, I have recently re-subscribed to World of Warcraft and am enjoying my time in game. I am disappointed in the latest patch which was released, but I am still finding quite a bit to do in game. I still do not have my pet menagerie in my garrison, though. Pet battles are not my thing, but I really want the achievement for the pet menagerie, so I better get to leveling my pets.

Again, I am so happy to be back and I hope you leave a comment so I know what you’ve been up to these past few months.

Thank you for reading!


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