Utterly exhausted

This past week or so has been thoroughly exhausting for me. Thus, the absence of blog posts. Lucas has been cranky ever since we went to a relative’s house for July 4th, so between caring for him during the day while Jason is at work, as well as keeping the house in order (sort of), I need my time to unwind at the end of the day. Unfortunately, I haven’t wanted to write to unwind, so I’ve been playing WoW instead.

In game, I was finally able to get my shadow priest to level 90. Woohoo! The leveling process slowed down dramatically once I hit Cataclysm content, but I pushed my way through. My mage is still doing archaeology, although I haven’t spent as much time on that because Ordos gave me gear, meaning I have even more items to upgrade. I managed to valor cap last week, and with the valor buff occurring this weekend, I should be able to cap again this week.

The Darkmoon Faire is back this week as well, so I’ve been playing the games to get more prize tickets. I have the mounts from the faire, but I still need the pets. However, I found a pretty purple replica set I want to buy from one of the vendors, so I’ll be using my tickets on that outfit first.

Whelp, it’s almost 10pm here and I’m a tired mommy. However, I wanted to get out a short blog post since one of you, (ahem Bruce) told me he wanted more blog posts. šŸ˜› (Hugs to you, Bruce!)

Night night!


1 thought on “Utterly exhausted”

  1. I have no idea what your talking about….lol šŸ˜› Nah it’s all good, I’m great that Blizzard have decided to introduce the buff on this Weekend, I’m hoping they will make it active every weekend for us or alternate with the Black Prince buff to speed up our legendary cloaks!

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