Busy, busy, busy!

My week has been eventful, both in and out of game. First off, Lucas is cutting two teeth on his bottom gums and at least one on the top, so he has been incredibly cranky and irritable. Basically, a bit difficult to deal with. He also started doing this screeching thing when he wants my attention, which makes it difficult to get things done. I know this is just a phase and it will be over soon, but it’s incredibly frustrating! I am also working on a project with someone, but it’s very hush hush so I can’t really say anything right now. I suspect I may be able to say something in a couple months, providing everything goes to plan. You should know however, that it’s something that I’m really excited to be doing and the person I’m working with is incredible!

In game, I have taken a break from Loremaster and am now working on Archaeology, trying to get Valor-capped, and making some gold selling glyphs. I went back to the Timeless Isle since I still haven’t killed all the rares out there, but I just can’t make myself stay there to get anything accomplished. I miss all the dailies I had to do for 5.0, and the Timeless Isle is a madhouse to me. I require structure, and the Isle just doesn’t do it for me. One daily quest is not enough to make me go back.

What are your thoughts on the Timeless Isle? Do you agree with me? Leave a comment below. 🙂


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