This past week in WoW has been busy; just the way I like it. I’ve decided to clean out my glyph inventory to prepare for Warlords of Draenor, so I’m back to selling glyphs on the Auction House, and I’m making a good profit doing so. I’m under 100k since buying myself the Vial of the Sands mount for 44k, so it’s nice to make some gold again.

My progress on Loremaster of Northrend is slow but steady. After completing the quests in Zul’drak, I ventured into The Storm Peaks and am slowly making my way through. After doing some research, I learned that I can buy a mount from the Sons of Hodir faction, so I’m looking forward to that as well. I used commendations to earn Exalted with them, but then found out I have to complete their quests before being able to access the mount.

Out of game, Lucas is teething and has two teeth coming in on his bottom gums. Needless to say, he is quite cranky about that. He is still struggling with his eczema as well, but I’m doing what I can to control it. He is 7 1/2 months old and I am just now starting to get into a daily routine to balance time with him, daily chores, and WoW time. I need some time to do what I enjoy, so I get what I need done while he’s awake, and when he naps I play some WoW. I have also decided to do more activities in my guild (Kingdom of Nobles on Whisperwind-Alliance), so on Saturday night I ran Ulduar with my guildies and even got some achievements!

Time for me to go get some breakfast, so I wish you all a magical day!



1 thought on “Progress!”

  1. Have done the same as you recent, began to dump all my glyphs, will replace all of the glyphs with plenty of Ink for when I know there is a definitife list of WoD glyphs out there! Just started on my Loremaster of Northrend myself! Not completed any of the zones as yet, but just a point, there are two mounts from Son’s Of Hodir if I remember correctly! A Cheap one and an expensive one 🙂 Have fun!

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