Disney, Bananas, and Hearthstone!

This week has been a difficult one with Lucas, and each night has left me needing some “me time”. Most nights, I go to bed around 8, once Lucas is good and asleep since I’m up at 4:30 each morning. Earlier in the week Jason and I watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory on the couch, and I had forgotten how much I enjoy that show. We have satellite tv, but most of the time Disney Junior is on for Lucas. After all, I am a Disney fan, and I’m getting my son in on the fun at an early age. *smiles* After Lucas went to bed last night, I got some much needed relaxation by taking a nice, warm bath. I should have lit a scented candle, but warm soak was all I really needed.

Lucas also turned 6 months old a short time ago, so I immediately started him on baby food. And let me just say: HE WAS READY! He was excited and happy to be eating applesauce, so after a few days of that, I started him on bananas yesterday. Guess what? He likes them, too! After a couple days of banana, I think I may try giving him carrots or sweet potato as a good starter veggie. But back to the bananas, I fed him the baby food yesterday morning and then last night before bed. He slept a full 6 hours before waking up last night. Ding ding ding! I actually got a good 5 hours sleep before Lucas woke up. He woke at 1:30am to eat, went back to sleep, and then woke up at 4:30am when Jason’s alarm went off. From now on, I will definitely be giving Lucas baby food before bed as it keeps his little tummy full longer.

I haven’t played much WoW this week, but I have been playing lots of Hearthstone. I’m playing Hearthstone in true free to play fashion by not spending any money on it, so the only way I get gold is by winning matches and completing the daily quests. Usually, I spend my gold on packs of cards, but this past week I dove into the Arena for the first time. I found that it’s actually a better deal than buying a pack of cards. Arena costs 150 gold, while packs of cards cost 100 gold. However, in Arena you create a deck by choosing 1 card out of 3 choices, you play until you’ve lost 3 matches, and then you are guaranteed a card pack plus another prize, such as dust or gold. I really suck at arena, but it’s fun nonetheless. My favorite deck is the Mage Deck, and even though it’s not the best, I still win games and have fun. I don’t play much of anything else, so I’m disenchanting cards from other decks I don’t really need so that I can craft more Mage cards. I still need to craft Pyroblast and my first legendary. I also began listening to a Hearthstone podcast called The Angry Chicken, and am always looking for more Hearthstone resources, so if you know of any good ones, please let me know.

Well that’s all for now, I think. Oh, one more thing! I promise to start back up with my 30 Days of WoW posts next week. I just needed to take a few days off from it, that’s all.

I am also enjoying all the comments people are leaving, so please keep them coming. I love hearing your opinions on things!

Have a magical day, everyone!


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