30 Days of WoW

Day 5- Your favorite Classic instance?

Upon thinking on this question for a whole day, I have come to the conclusion that my favorite Classic instance is one that many people absolutely abhor, and that is Gnomeregan. Yes, I adore this instance and here is why: I happen to be a lover of all things gnomish, and so whenever I run through it I think of how I am helping the gnomes take back their home. At least, that’s my own little roleplay I have going on in my head as I do. The gnomes are still fighting for their home, and I sincerely hope they are able to reclaim it someday. Now then, I do realize if they did take back Gnomeregan we wouldn’t have that instance anymore. However, I would be willing to give that up as long as we could all actually visit Gnomeregan. Who’s with me?


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