30 Days of WoW

Day 3- A class you’re awful at playing?

The classes I am awful at playing (yes, there are more than one) are the ones that force you into melee combat. Those aren’t the only ones, either! I am also terrible at Warlock and Hunter as well. I do not like anything that doesn’t allow me to use magic at a distance, and since Warlock requires me to use a pet to manage as well as myself, I do not like that at all.

Now then, I understand this question is asking what class I am terrible at playing, but to be perfectly honest, the only classes I have found to be quite good at is Mage and Shadow Priest. Notice I said Shadow instead of Priest in general, but I am a terrible healer as I already spoke about in a previous post. As for the Mage class, she is my main and the class I am both the most comfortable playing as well as the one I enjoy playing the most. Dare I say I am a pretty awesome Arcane Mage at that!

But I digress…

I suppose I could conclude that the classes I am awful at playing are both the ones that require me to fight in melee range, manage pets, and do not use mana as their main resource to manage. I seem to have a block against these other classes, and you know what? I am perfectly happy with that! I enjoy the game as well as the classes I do play, and that’s what truly matters.




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