30 Days of WoW

Day 1- Your first character?

My first character in WoW was a female human Priest named Katalaria. Back in Cataclysm, my boyfriend at the time was the one that got me started in game and played Alliance, so he leveled with me through dungeons all the way to level 85. I was a healer because he was a tank, and he wanted me healing him. If I had stayed a healer, I can honestly say I wouldn’t be playing anymore. I hated healing with a passion! I was a nervous wreck in dungeons, and when I messed up many of the other players would give me a hard time, thus making me feel even worse. I tried both Discipline and Holy, but neither gave me any enjoyment. Needless to say, once I reached level cap I switched to Shadow and found that I thoroughly enjoyed caster dps. However, when I began running Heroics, many players thought I should be a healer and after awhile I grew tired of that. So, after doing some research on other classes, I created a Mage, and she has been my main ever since.


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